your brass fittings is compliant with s3874 & ab1953 ?

[2015/11/7 15:33:09]

California Sate Law AB1953 already executed January 1,2010,so all plumbing
equipment inculde pipes, fittings, faucet and valves to a level less than 0.25%.
Chenyee Industries Co.,Ltd have worked on lead free mateiral since 2012. and already used the following material for brass fittings, faucet, valves and other customer items.
* C27450 - No Silico, No Bismuth, No Segregation, Good for Machining, very poor capability of Forging. cost is normal.
* C46400 / C46500 - Naval Brass, good for forging and machining. cost is normal.
* C6802 - Bi Brass, good for casting. cost is normal.
* C69300 ECO Brass - good for forging, macining and casting.  cost is high.