General Term

1. General
The sales and supplies to be carried out by Chenyee Industries Co., Ltd .will be governed by these General Conditions of Sale, except for anything expressly otherwise agreed in the corresponding confirmed offer, which constitutes the particular conditions hereof. Therefore no other conditions which are not explicitly accepted by our company, will have any value or legal effect.

2. Prices
All the price is to be calculated by US$ or Euro. Our company reserves the right to modify the prices of the list in force at any time without any need for forewarning. The applicable prices will be those in force at the time the order is placed.

3. Payment conditions
The payment we accept are: 1) T/T payment with 30% deposit, 2) Sight L/C, 3) 100% deposit with 1% discount.

4. Delivery of the goods
Due to the fact that we are fabricants we will adjust the units required to our minimum packaging pointed in the current price list.
Orders will be accepted in accordance with the contractual conditions in force between the parties at that time. The delivery dates appearing on the order confirmation are provisional. Advanced deliveries and partial dispatches will be authorized if there is no written agreement that forbids them. Any incapacity to effect or supply an order for reasons such as: strike, breakdown of the negotiations, close down the business and all their consequences will be considered a force majeure and release the supplier from his obligation to supply the goods and the customer may not make any claim for damages.
In the case of postponing the payment of the outstanding invoices, as well as unsettling them and exceeding the limit of the assured credit, the outstanding orders will be kept in our warehouse until the incident is solved.

5. Transport
The shipments will be hold from Chenyee Industries facilities by customer risk and account. In the case of carriage paid transport, the supplier may choose the transport company. Any damages or losses must be determined by the receiver of the goods, detailed always in the transport delivery note.
According to the current rules, all the discrepancies at delivery must be specify within the first 24 hours, after giving the ok to the transport delivery note.

6. Goods return and dispatch
The supplier is not obliged to accept any partial or total return of any goods ordered previously by the customer. If the customer wishes to return goods for any specific reason and the supplier accept it in writing, the following rules must be observed: The claim must be sent in writing, by telephone, fax or email to Chenyee Industries.
All returns will be sent once the claim has been accepted. The claim will be accompanied by the delivery note, specifying if it is a wrong or faulty material, the invoice no. and purchase date of the material. All carriage paid material returned will be carried by the transport agency chosen by Chenyee Industries Products. The material returned that do not fulfill these requirements will be sent back to the origin.
The goods which have been returned for different reasons than the ones that are mentioned before, will be charged with a less of 25% due to the cost of the manipulation, in any case the goods devolution will not be admitted after three months.
All material returned will be replaced unless otherwise is agreed.

7. Reserve of domain
The supplier maintains the goods ownership until all debts, including all the existing expenses, between the supplier and the customer had been completely paid.
In the case of non payment, even of a single invoice, the supplier may exercise their property rights and collect from the customer a sufficient amount of material to cover all pending debts, including those still not due.
The customer's conformity it is not necessary for collecting a debt or picking up material held by him.

8. Claims, guarantee and compensation
Any fault or anomaly, including a shortfall in the assured quality of the product, must be reported in writing as soon as it is detected. Claims for faults will not be accepted after 15 days from the time the material is received at destination, unless they are faults that would have been impossible to detect during the goods inspection.
The guarantee that will be applied to the products referred in this catalogue and or price list will be for 2 years. This guarantee covers all faults in the products of Chenyee Industries not only in the raw materials, but in construction or manufacture, therefore our responsibility will be limited to replacing the faulty spare parts acknowledged by us, without any compensation.
To all effects, the guarantee will start from the invoice date on, and no return will be admitted after 45 days from its dispatch. All products not used appropriately, due to the failure to comply with the current installation rules or falling outside the limits of use, the product will be considered to be off guarantee.
The supplier may refuse to repair the faults if the customer fails to comply with their legal obligations. The right of the customer to make a legal claim due to faulty goods, will prescribe after a month from the rejection by the supplier of the written claim.

9. Liability
Outside the application of the product liability's laws, the supplier will only be responsible for damage, if according to legal resolutions, serious blame is proved.
The supplier will not reply and there will be no claim for damages in the case of non-fulfillment of assembly conditions, come into operation and use (such as in the use instructions), in the established administrative conditions. The limitations of responsibility will be applied in full on successive purchasers, and must be adopted by all future ones.

10. Jurisdiction and applicable Law
With respect to all lawsuits that might arise within the framework between the supplier and the customer contractual relationship, the Courts and Tribunals of China will hold all competence. Likewise, it is agreed that the applicable Law will be Chinese Law.